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Sage Smudge Candle for Energy Cleansing

Sage Smudge Candle for Energy Cleansing

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Color: Gray


  • Aromatherapy and Manifestation Candle: Made of naturally cultivated sage and 100% natural soy wax (no petroleum or paraffin wax), this blend of earthy sage aromas creates a natural harmony in the home and body to help you focus on energy clearing, protection, and blessings
  • Purification & House Energy Cleansing: During a purification ceremony that utilizes a candle infused with sage oils, it’s a good idea to leave a window or door open. The negative energy needs to be able to leave your space (and go somewhere else). Place sage candles in your home and workspaces to make way for positive, creative productivity
  • Set Your Intentions: Relaxing and letting go of negative thoughts in a sage ritual improves mental clarity. The scented candle smoke allows you to set intentions and draw in positive energy. Repeat as often as needed until you understand the positive intention you want to manifest. Write this in the provided space on your candle tin
  • Chakra Balancing & Positivity: This healing candle was produced for smudging, purification, stress relief, anxiety soothing and ultimately providing an energy boost. Using candles to support a practice of meditation and intention-setting paves the way for a life of healthful, energized positivity
  • Gifts of Spirit: Love, light, and positive energy go into every candle made by Magnificent 101. For home cleansing, chakra healing, reducing stress, or setting intentions, there’s a perfect candle for every family member, friend, and coworker in your life. Classic glass or rustic-industrial tin candle holders provide décor choices to suit everyone you know

Binding: Kitchen

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Part Number: 13-TDUH-KX9Q

Details: 6 OZ NATURAL WHITE SAGE CANDLE FOR AROMATHERAPY−Made of Natural Soy Wax (SGS and MSDS Report available - No Petroleum or Paraffin Wax). This blend of earthy sage creates a natural harmony in the home and body. Perfect to smudge away negative energies and set a new intention. Fill in the blank with your intention! Love, light, and positive energy goes into every candle. * SMUDGE AWAY NEGATIVE ENERGIES − Smudging is a cleansing ceremony that involves burning white sage in a manner that fills the home with the fragrance of the smoke. It is used to clear negative energy from people, places, or even objects and can be done as often as needed. Research shows that thujone, found in sage, is mildly psychoactive and enhances intuition. * CLARITY FOR INTENTION SETTING − Start your smudging ritual by decluttering your home and taking the time to think about your intention. It should be something you would like for your home or space, something meaningful for you. Choosing to sit and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual like this improves your mental clarity, allowing you to set a genuine intention for yourself. * HOME ENERGY CLEANSING − It’s a good idea to have a door or window open while smudging. The negative energy and negativity have to have someplace to go! * VIBRATION RAISING − Sage can do wonders to increase relaxation and reduce stress because it’s filled with negative ions, directly linked to an improved sense of well-being. * CHAKRA HEALING − The Latin word for sage salvia stems from the word heal. It's devoted to clearing, protection, and blessings. The use of sage can be traced back nearly 2,000 years to Indigenous Americans and shamans, who used it to release or cleanse negative energy from conflicted, angry or sick people. This healing candle was produced for smudging, purification, stress relief, anxiety soothing and ultimately providing an energy boost.

EAN: 0723314751139

Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches

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